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Dating Tips and Advice for Singles in Houston, TX

"Guys, don't try to 'sell' yourself. Girls in Houston are Texans.. We like real men. Not all of us care if you make 6 figures and drive a BMW. Houston is full of women who like southern gentle men. Be friendly and kind and think of something different than just dinner and a movie. There is the zoo, aquarium, museums, theaters, parks.. it's endless in Houston! Live shows are always a breath of fresh air! Think outside the dating box with Houston girls!" -Kristen Nicole, Houston

"The main qualities in Houston singles are just being able to have a stable future. They need to know what they want, how to obtain it, and actually working towards it! My favorite spot to take someone is the waterfall by the Williams Tower. If you live in Houston area you know what im talking about!" -Nikki, Sugar Land

"Try going outside the norm...don't just stick to clubs. Try coffee shops, join some local health clubs, an American Legion, join some interest groups. There's tons to do in Houston, and you have only yourself to blame if you end up home alone yet again." -Iris, Houston

"My advice on dating would be to take things at a slower pace. Find the good qualities in the person you are with. Enjoy the time you spend together. Laugh with each other and don't take things for granted. As long as you can be happy with yourself, you will make the best of any situation." -Wendy,

"Guys are looking for intellectual, attractive, independent women who are mature beyond their years, yet also very affectionate with a charming personality.

Good spots for a date...the most romantic thing you could do is a nice candlelight dinner at home for the lady.

You can meet singles anywhere in Houston." -Raheem Washington, Houston/Humble

"For men, we love honest women. Women who will take good care of us. Spoil us also. Let us know that they need us and love us and depend upon us. At times, we just need to know that security of a woman. She brightens our day throught all the hard times. If the whole world is turning against us, we need to know that we can turn to our woman to protect us. If she does all this for us and never breaks our heart, she will be taken care of until the end of time!" -Lejoe, Spring

"Make it fun.. Contrary to popular opinion, there are lots of cultural and outdoor activities to take in.. festivals, and live events should never be overlooked. Washington Avenue on a Friday night is a great place to catch a new band... or maybe even check out some poetry, there is one happening every night. You can check it out on the Houston poets website." -Kim, Southwest Houston

"Girls are looking for funny, intelligent men who talk to them like they are another human being and not just someone of the opposite sex. We like to be taken to sporting events believe it or not. And yes I feel that if the guy pays the first time, then the girl should take him out and pay the next time. We want equal rights, don't we?" -Jennifer, Houston

"Good spots for taking a date or for finding fun or romance:
- Japanese Garden, by the medical center at Herman Park is a beautiful park... good for a sweet stroll in the park with a special someone.
- City Walk at Town Square, First Colony Mall... Hwy 6 & 59... it's beautiful at night. There are many restaurants for a date and the place & atmosphere is wonderful.
- Crystal Beach, Galveston... pick out the perfect night to have a bonfire... bring a tent or a sleeping bag and spend a romantic evening by the beach shore...
" -J Hernandez, Houston

"When girls in Houston are attractive they are typically very arrogant about it, and refuse to intermingle with guys even on a friends basis who fall below their level. In East Coast cities I've traveled to, people are more open-minded and females there realize that their looks don't make the total package. They tend to work on being more well-rounded, intelligent, fit, honest, and fun, too. You will not find that in Houston very often." -AJ,

"Girls are interested in guys who are smart, funny, nice, or good-looking. Girls like to take dates in decent or expensive restaurants with great food. And girls like it when guys make the first move, or moves. " -Xena Kim, The Pines: 12633

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