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Dating Tips and Advice for Singles in Dallas, TX

"Most people (men and women...even though I'm hetero I can say this) I've met are absolutely passive-aggressive throughout the Dallas area. They never say what they think, mean, or want, and are absolutely illusive about being forthcoming and honest. They hide behind masks that come from extremes of religiosity and liberalism. I can only think this is because of the heavy Evangelical Christian influence here, and the subsequent resistance (which is intense) that follows. I have absolutely hated dating in Dallas (and people from other parts of Texas). It has been an absolute hell of an experience. " -Mark, Dallas

"Unfortunately, girls and many guys in Dallas are stuck on labels - materialism is huge in Dallas. There are numerous good spots to take dates - Reunion Tower, Patrizios, Mi Piaci, parks - which I love. Singles - hmmmmm I guess the best place to meet single people is at bars and clubs. I don't usually go to those places, so I wouldn't really know. I date guys that are in theatre. haha." -Amanda, Richardson

"One fantastic place to take a date in the Dallas/Ft Worth area is Scarborough Faire. But you have to dress up in costume and be another person for a day - what fun!" -Julie, Dallas, Texas

"The Celebration Restaurant on Lovers Lane is an excellent place to take a date. Relatively private rooms with about 5 tables in them each. Great home-style food that has been excellent every time I have been there. Prompt service and tasty food with a family-style serving approach. Try it out sometime." -Isabear, Irving

"Girls are interested in honest, caring, funny guys with a great personality. Good spots for taking a date or for finding fun would be bowling alleys, restaurants, and clubs. Where to go meet singles in my area would be like clubs, bowling alleys, Starbucks, through friends, etc." -Jenny, Richardson

"The best thing you can do in any relationship is talk. Quite often, taking time to just sit and talk about things, whether they're good, bad or neutral draws you just that much closer. Dates don't always have to be grand outings where someone has to be impressed by your talents and or checkbook. I prefer to just go out to a park with some food, hang out and spend the day there. The whole point is to relax and have fun." -edward, Denton, tx

"Not ALL of the women in Dallas are after money - trust me on this one. And by all means guys, if you are interested in a girl - go up and let her know. The worst she can say is "get lost" and if that's the kind of person that she is, well, then you didn't want her anyhow!" -Angela Bradford, Dallas/Plano

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