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Dating Tips and Advice for Singles in Austin, TX

"Many people in Austin are in shape, so generally, someone thats athletic, has a healthy diet, great sense of humor.
That being said, great spots to go are the botanical gardens, hike the greenbelt, hang out at the lake. Restaurants have a lot of patios, so, dinner during a nice night.

If you're under 30, the place to meet singles would be downtown Austin... 4th street to 9th street is a single hot spot! Lots of bars concentrated in that area, anything from pub-style, sport bars to wine bars and lounges." -Jennifer, Oak Hill

"Where ever you go and what ever you do be sure you and your date are comfortable. If you're both adventurous, eat some where neither of you have eaten. Watch a movie neither of you have seen. Honesty is completely attractive. Most importantly, have an open mind. Austin has the most fantastic eating venues mostly known to Austinites. Try Cipollina, Jo's Cafe, Hotel San Jose (for drinks)...6th Street is the cliche downtown scene...the warehouse district is fabulous. Go to Halcyon and have smores! Rent from Vulcan Video (Congress)." -Jo, South Austin

"Austinites like activist/liberal people with a sense of adventure.

I think a nice date here would be to go to Barton Springs, hike a trail in the Greenbelt, or hit up one of the big local events (Eeyore's BDay, etc.).

I like to meet people at parties. There are some really laid back, intelligent, passionate people in Austin." -Mark, South Austin

"My boyfriend and I always enjoy a walk around Town Lake or the botanical gardens. Cheesy though it may sound, we also have fun on a date to the animal shelter where we can play with the smaller dogs and take the larger ones out for walks. There's also the entire Keep Austin Weird subsection of town...there's always something new to discover!" -Bethany, Austin, TX

"Austin is a young, fun city, so all the singles want fun people who know the hotspots. 6th Street is THE place for singles, especially bars like Aquarium. 4th and 3rd street have more laid back bars for the older twenty-something crowds. Try Tambaleo on 3rd and Bowie. And, on a first date, take them to Romeo's on Barton Springs Drive. It never fails." -Jenny, West Campus

"A walking date is a great way to get exercise and get a chance to talk with your date. You can make several stops to gauge what each other are into, and it gives you several chances to end that date along the way if things aren't going too well. I suggest starting out at Green Muse (for coffee or beer) and then walking down south first(shops and restaurants), and over to congress (shops restaurants and clubs), then go downtown for drinks and dance." -Saffron, Austin, TX

"Don't go to Austin clubs to find people you will really be interested in...there are some real players/sleeze-balls out there. Instead, try concerts (there's lots of them!), coffee houses, open mic nights, sports games, and other more intimate settings where you can find people to talk to and share an interest with! :)" -Nicole, Austin

"Near Austin? Give up, Austinites are too self-absorbed to make good relationship partners ;). Austin was voted no. 3 city in the nation for dating, but I would sincerely doubt we were in the top 50 for substantial long-term relationships ;)." -Adam, Camden Briar Oaks

"Flipnotics is a great first date. It's a relaxed atmosphere coffee shop on top of a retro clothing store. It's really nice." -Elizabeth Logsdon, Dripping Springs

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