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Dating Tips and Advice for Singles in Arlington, TX

"Things I have so far found to do here: Martial Arts, bowling, play pool, DDR, video games (arcade or in the home), movies. Go to a park: tag, hide-n-seek, playground. Play checkers or chinese checkers, chess, putt putt golf, work out at a gym, go to a club on Friday and Saturday nights, gather people and throw a party, amtgard ditching, LAN party, sports, swim, wash cars, table tennis (need to find a place), batting cage, darts, write a song, look into Airsoft, Lazertag, get poppers, poker or other card games,
mall crawl -- conversation and other things may be included during all." -Luke, Arlington

"Guys should pay for the first dates. Have a lot of laughter on the date. Go to a nice restaurant and have a nice walk afterwards. Guys should not push girl into anything without asking. Ask a lot of questions but don't push them into answering. Be honest, be comfortable, be nice, be yourself." -qt, Arlington

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