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Dating Tips and Advice for Singles in Philadelphia, PA

"Looks matter to an extent. You can't be shallow and tied up in looks, especially if your looking for someone with some kind of heart and emotion when it comes to a relationship. If all you're looking for is appearence then that's probably all you'll get. I believe that bad traits in a relationship would be: someone who is uptight, shallow or egotistical, jealous, dishonest, un-faithful, and someone you can't joke around or play with and go out and have a good time." -Dawn, Ridley

"I think a great place to take your date would be South street. There are so many cute little shops, restaraunts, bars and clubs, that there's something for almost anyone. Just be careful of Friday or Saturday nights! It's crammed!!" -Anonymous,

"There are so many cool places to go in Philly. Try a museum and lunch, so you can walk around and get to know each other, then settle down and talk over lunch. Also, you might want to try doing something you like to do, that way if your date likes it/doesn't like it, then you learn a little about their personal interests without even having to ask." -jay, West Philly

"There's nothing like a walk down South Street at night in the spring or summertime. Shopping, restaurants, bars, close to Market Street... Finding parking on the weekends can be tough, though." -Ivy,

"If you're trying to find dates, you can mostly find them in niteclubs or at the mall. And a good spot to take a girl out to eat is at Chinatown, mostly good asian food there. Fun spots can be anywhere as long as you're with the girl, and be playful." -Vinh, Upper Darby

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