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Dating Tips and Advice for Singles in New York City, NY

"It's well known that most people in NYC don't have a car, and the city and others tell you that it's the way to go. But from my experience and of others I know, your personal value and your dating experiences go up dramatically when you have a car. I just got a car a year ago and in one month I visited more intimate places, met more people and was happier than in the 5 yrs w/o a car in my 20's. Sure it's very costly, theres parking issues, traffic tkts etc, but the truth is people with cars are in another world in NYC. " -Leo, Manhattan

"Girls are looking for guys who know what they want out of life, men who aren't confused and want a real serious, steady, committed relationship--not a guy who wants to just fool around and party all the time. I mean it's fun to go out and have a good time and goof around once in a while, but there are times where you need to be serious about life." -Jennifer, Brooklyn

"1- Communication is key.

2- It's the little things that mean the most.

ex: if you can't afford an expensive date, take a ride on the SI ferry at Sunset, stand by the side of the ship let the breeze brush your face the sun caress it with it's last rays, wrap your arms around each other and enjoy the beauty all around you.

3- Nurture each other's emotions and always try to be as gentle with each other's hearts as possible for it is far easier to hurt than to mend what is broken." -Biana, NYC

"Treat a girl like she is the most special person on earth, make her feel like she is worth everything. Show her that she means more than just the words that come out of your mouth and prove to her you care.

Trust a guy to some extent, most men will say things and act like they care to gain what they want and leave you, but don't pass up guys who actually care and are willing to give you all of them. Don't let nice guys finish last, you'll find yourself wishing you said yes to him before than going for the guy who will obviously hurt you.

Learn to sacrifice for each other and understand, do not jump tp conclusions so fast and ask questions. Even though they might be annoyed, it shows you care and want to do what you can to help the relationship grow into a healthy one. Arguing is healthy but only when really necessary, concentrate on happiness and the little things that make you happy about each other instead of charging head first into another verbal fight." -Jeff, Valley Stream

"Some of us females are tired of dates on 42nd Street, which can be nice once in a while. I love a good restaurant, a walk on the beach (go to Queens or L.I.), quiet night at home and just someone to be there. Sometimes all we need is someone to listen." -Anonymous,

"Dating idea: Since 'long walks on the beach' doesn't really apply to New Yorkers (I mean city-goers), a long walk at Central Park or Roosevelt Island is a nice cheap date. Also, Chelsea Piers tends to all types of dates: the active type (sports, baby!), the shopper type (not a good idea for first dates), the calm type, or the romantic type." -Kathy, Queens

"Guys in NYC are interested in someone who is fun, outgoing, and open-minded. There are plenty of good spots to take your day anywhere in the city...But I personally suggest going to 42nd street, there's just soo much to do, and many people to meet. When it comes to finding singles, I say try the park, or a club, or, hell, maybe even the subways." -Tunu, Manhattan, NYC

"People seem to be interested in money and power, as well as career ambition. Good spots: Mars 2112 (fun date), The Water Club (formal date), Manhattan Grille (formal date), Brunelli's (formal Italian), there's a great place downtown but I can't remember the name of it...also good for formal date is Tavern on the Green. Where to meet singles: people are everywhere." -Brad, New York City

"With so many people in this city, not enough people want to take the time to get to know a potential mate and cut and run at the first sign of disagreement. They drift from person to person until they become jaded and cynical about the whole dating process, when in reality it is their own preference for quitting easily that is the problem.

Stop worrying about whether you've met Mr/Ms Right and concentrate on having fun and getting to know one another. Lower the expectations and stop worrying about rejection." -Anonymous, New York

"New York City has a niche for each "type". If you love an intellectual, spiritual, positive type there are plenty of spoken word lounges, for those into physical fitness there are gyms all over the place, colleges have intellectuals, pool halls and bowling are great date places as well as arcades. Museums are great as well for those artie types." -Tai, The Bronx

"I think NYC is the best place in the world, I've lived in soho Manhattan for the past 15 years and I simply love every part of it. Nothing beats the city life and the night life the city has to offer. I love meeting new people. Taking a date on a walk around the city and maybe catch a movie and dine is a great experience. The city is full of singles, that's for sure, so don't be shy to approach someone." -Tommy Cheung, SoHo

"Walk from Manhattan over the Brooklyn Bridge to this cute little pizzeria directly beneath it. You can smell it from two blocks away. It's incredible, and the sight is worth kissing over. Such a good date." -Mildred, San Francisco

"In my experience, both guys and girls are looking for outgoing, intelligent people with a sense of humor. Someone who is strong and independent and capable of taking care of themselves, but who is also interested in having a good time and sharing life with one another.
Central Park, bookstores, cafes, Washington Square Park, somewhere where people can sit down and chat and not feel like there is a pressuring time constraint. A bar is not romantic. Clubs can be alright, but only if there's good music. The Knitting Factory, Midtown, the Lower East Side, Tribeca." -Heather, Brooklyn

"My favorite spot for meeting people is Union Square. You see some really strange things, but everyone is interesting. There are great costume stores, music stores, and bookstores, including The Strand, possibly the best bookstore ever." -Elizabeth, Bronx

"If you really don't like to go to the museums that much, be honest. If everyone went to the museums as much as they say they do, there would be a line down the street to get in. (Me? I actually like going … honest.)" -Ryan Brenizer, New York, NY

"Go out!! There are lots of good bars and clubs, so go have fun. Also, take advantage of the arts in NYC, like the NY Philharmonic and the Metropolitan opera or free student Julliard concerts. Go see random art displays in the village. Explore what's culturally unique about New York City. All of that culture and knowledge you accrue can't hurt!!" -DG, New York City

"People in New York City are interesting. They fear loneliness, so turn to bar-hopping to meet men and women. They tell themselves they are there for one night, but many are looking for that special someone. However, being in NYC tends to mean career comes first, and to fall into a commitment is even scarier than being alone, which feeds the vicious cycle and leaves a trail of broken relationships. However, NYC people are really not that bad, just running scared." -Jennifer, NYC

"Staten Island Ferry ride in the summer at sunset. It's free, you get a nice view of the statue of liberty and the NYC skyline. The sea breeze helps with the heat, too." -Steven Yoo, Staten Island, NY

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