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Dating Tips and Advice for Singles in San Jose, CA

"I've always liked going to places like the Elephant Bar, etc. Being a twenty-somethings guy I like the challenge of meeting older women that are experienced enough to see my real maturity, and I love a woman that is already making her mark on the world." -Andrew, Santa Cruz

"I met my boyfriend online and we've been together for 5 months. I'm speaking from my own personal experience from my current relationship.

My best piece of advice, is be honest and communicate with one another. Learn to take it easy, listen to what the person has to say before you jump to conclusions and assume things. Trust is a HUGE factor in a relationship - I feel it's right up there with honesty and communication.

For the ladies - do not smother your guy. Give him space. Guys generally are not good at letting us ladies know when they want to be left alone and need some space and time to themselves. Something guys like is to be trusted - it shows that we care about them and love them. Otherwise, if you don't trust him, he'll feel you don't really care.

Guys - learn how to speak to the ladies. We really do want you to be honest with us. Don't be scared of us - there are some of us ladies that do enjoy honesty and don't like it when you lie - no matter how small & stupid the thing is, just tell the truth. It'll make things so much easier.

For both people - take it easy. Do not rush the relationship. You should be in a relationship to be with the person. If you rush it, then things most likely won't work out in the long run. What's more important to you - marriage or being with the person for who they are? Enjoy being in love. Take it easy, enjoy being with one another. It's the best part of being in love. " -Leticia, Santa Clara, CA

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