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Dating Tips and Advice for Senior Singles in Birmingham, AL

"At the beginning of our senior life I'm finding that more of us are getting divorced in our later years. Can't say if it's what's called a "mid-life crisis" or we just get too comfortable with each other, or just grow tired of one another. I was taught that a marriage is to last forever, but it seems that's more of a "saying" these days. I believe that in the latter part of our marriage or relatationship we should always look for ways to spice up our relatationships, and have our partner always at the forefront, always striving to make them happy, letting them know that they're cared for and loved. And that intimacy can begin anew, because the children are grown and gone. This is our time to get to know one another again, fall in love again,do all the things we enjoyed before kids came along, just like we're young and in love again, but in a much more mature love, being able to know each others wants and needs and desires, and being able to take care of them without being asked or told. How great to be able to know your partner so well that just a look can tell the other what you want and need, and they know it, without being told. Young couples know nothing about that. They're usually looking to see if the grass is greener on the other side." -Karen, Birmingham & Mobile

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