Dating and Relationship Jokes

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A Dictionary For Women - Common words and what they really mean (if you're a woman!)
Computer Gender - What gender is a computer? Men and women come to different conclusions.
The Talking Frog - Will the man kiss the frog and turn it into a beautiful princess?
Dear Tech Support - A man writes in for help with his latest version of GirlFriend.
Children on Relationships - When asked about relationships, children say the funniest things.
Husband Isn't Mr. Fix-it - So the wife needs to call the neighbor over.
Three Guys Talking in a Pub - Discussing their wives.
Guy Talk Translated - What guys say and what they really mean.
Never Lie to Mom - A mother is suspicious about her son and his roommate.
Rules That Guys With Women Knew - The title says it all (sorry ladies!)
Wedding Rehearsal - The groom tries to bribe the priest.

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