Advice for Women: Great Gift Ideas for Him

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Our male visitors will help shed some light on what makes a great guy gift. Hopefully the advice in this category will make things easier the next time you are searching for that perfect gift idea.

Visitor-Submitted Advice:

Something Meaningful
"Though guys might not show it sometimes, you should also give something meaningful; just like you would want from him. For my birthday my girlfriend bought me a green sweater. This might sound strange, like why would that matter? But in the card it said "I bought you this sweater because it matches the color of your eyes, they're awesome." (my eyes are hazel, a shade of green) This lets a guy know you pay attention to him, and if he doesn't care about things like that, he probably isn't worth sticking around for. Another time she was sorry, and in my locker put a brownie cut out like a heart... with a heart shaped card that said "I'm sorry". That's all it really takes..." -Chris, Los Angeles, CA

Know your dude.
"It all depends on the type of guy. For me and people like me, well-thought-out gifts or ones that show you pay attention work great. A friend of mine got me a Nintendo keychain because she knew I am a big gamer. It was a shock, but I loved it. Another friend of mine made me cookies for Valentines Day, and you can't just make cookies in 5 seconds [i hope..]. She took the time out of her schedule to bake me some cookies? Score!

Know your guy. If he's silly, get him something to make him laugh. If he's outdoorsy, take him outside! If you've done your homework, knowing what to get isn't that hard." -mr.Black,

"The greatest gift isn't the most expensive, it's the one that will make him smile the most. For example, I got my boyfriend Brendan a keychain with his name on it because he said that he could never find one. It would always have either "Brenda" or "Brandon" but never "Brendan."

That meant a lot to him that I found that." -Alexa, USA

"The best gift you can ever give your man is yourself. Suprise him in the bedroom with some candles lit, some sexy music on, and something skimpy to show off your body to him. Take it from me, a man can live without anything as long as he has the woman he loves. The best gift is you." -Gennaro, New York

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