Advice for Women: How to Get His Attention

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Whether it's that guy at the office or the man at the bus stop, every woman's got someone she wants to be noticed by. Men share their thoughts on how to get get attention.

Visitor-Submitted Advice:

Feminism and Modern Dating
"Quite frankly, women have come to want too much. They want equality without responsibility or accountability. They want men to pay, but make equal money. They want men of confidence, but not too confident. They want to act like they don't need men, but like men around for the heavy lifting. You can't have it all. If you want a man who loves you, you have to act lovable. Men don't like stand-offish women. Men don't like women who want to be men. If you're not feminine, forget it. I like Dan's comment about the eye contact. You treat a man like he's your hero, he'll break his back for you. You treat a man like you can take him or leave him, he'll hate your soul." -Bryan, USA

"Some men have more femanine mental qualities than masculine and vice/versa. Women like to make themselves available and wait for the man to go on the attack. The same goes for some men; not all are hunters, some like to be the one who is approached. Don't think that just because a man is shy that he is a wimp. Mostly it would mean he holds you in such high regard that you couldn't possibly be interested in him." -Lee, NY

Eye Contact Mastery
"It's your job to let a guy know that you're interested. To do this, simply make eye contact with him, and hold it for about five seconds. Then look away. Look back a moment later, and if he looks at YOU, simply smile, hold for another two or three seconds, and look away again.

If he digs you, and he's not a diffident wimp, then he should take the bait and come say hi. Mission accomplished, and without anything more complicated than looking at him!" -Dan, Corpus Christi

Men are people too...
"Like women, men have different things that will get their attention. Of course, men being openly perverted gives you the opportunity to flaunt your skin; but we don't want to do that. The fact still stands that some men are different. If you're looking at this page, I can tell you: Try to meet him every once in a while. Drop very, very subtle hints. He'll get the idea. He'll respond in like of the two of you if he agrees that your relationship could blossom." -Mikey N., Vancouver, Washington

Honesty and Confidence
"If you like a guy, be honest with him. Don't be blatent, but be forward enough to let him notice if he is interested and is watching for anything. In the same thought, show a bit of confidence. I mean, some guys like a girl who isn't very confident but their motives aren't usually good. When I look for a girl, I look for someone who knows her value but doesn't necessarily yell it at the top of her lungs. A healthy balance is the key to getting a guy's attention." -Anonymous,

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