Advice for Women: How to Break Up With Him

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They say that breaking up is hard to do... And it is. But it goes so much better when done with care. Nobody likes to be dumped, but there are ways to make the medicine go down easier. Below men will share their advice on the right way to do it.

Visitor-Submitted Advice:

Boys will be boys...
"Guys are on the short end of the stick in any relationship. I say this with studies to back me up. Men, whether seeking love or lust, tend to rush into things at a faster pace than women. This makes them very vulnerable and prone to depression at any break-up. I can't help much with how to break up with them, but let me tell you: talk to him about your problem with the relationship first. If you can, that is. Then if things don't patch up, you can tell him that. He will be sad or angry, but you can vouch to me that it is not your fault." -Mikey N., Vancouver, Washington

Honesty and Straitforwardness
"Studies indicate that generally, women are far superior at judging emotional responses accurately and socializing with other women. It's true, men communicate more logically, but only as a handicapped side-effect of this disparity; being less apt at sensing emotion we restrict ourselves to a smaller range of communication skills and so literal meaning (which accounts for less than 10% of a woman's communication array) takes on greater importance. Say what you mean very carefully and thoroughly, or you will be misunderstood even if you are certain you have been very clear." -James B., Johns Hopkins, B'more, MD

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