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For many men, the perfect gift idea remains elusive. It is not always apparent what a woman wants. The women visitors to Dating Diversions will share their thoughts and hopefully send you in the right direction!

Visitor-Submitted Advice:

Many Gift Ideas
"Well, first let me say that I think I am probably the ONLY female in the world who does NOT want jewelry. I never wear it, and if someone that I know well gives it to me, I am disappointed because they don't know the real me.

That being said, jewelry is generally a standard gift, but it's better to know whether she wears more silver or gold; whether she likes dangly earrings or not dangly; and whether she likes open backs or posts (on the earring back).

I think gift certificates are cool. They may not be especially romantic, but I'd take a gift certificate to a bookstore over a pair of diamond earrings any day! (because I'm more into books than jewelry)

Plus, gift certificates for fancy restaurants guarantee you a date ;). It can also be something fun just for the two of you to do (think miniature golf or movie tickets).

The other thing that is more personalized (or if you're broke) is a homemade gift certificate for a tank of gas and a car wash (for sometime in the future presumably when you do have money) or for a country drive to see pretty scenery. Or for a back/shoulder/neck/head rub/massage. What girl would turn THAT down?

My last piece of advice about gift giving is this: girls will generally drop hints, so LISTEN to what they say, even when it's hard. It's in the details and the little things. :) May the Force be with you, male advice-seekers." -Andrea, Oklahoma

Be Genuine
"If you're close enough to someone to be buying them gifts you should know enough about them that reading this section would be unnecessary.

A romantic gift is something that shows you've been paying attention (be it a new toothbrush, restocking their liquor cabinet, cleaning their bathroom, etc). Not something you see in a store window and assume "girls like that sort of thing."" -Amy W, Portland, OR

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