Advice for Men: How to Break Up With Her

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Break-ups are a drag, and no one wants to be on the receiving end of one. There are right ways and there are wrong ways to break off a relationship. Below you will find some tips on how to break the news to her gently and tactfully.

Visitor-Submitted Advice:

Gently Now People
"I have been dunmped, and often. I always hear the same excuses, "you're too good of a friend" or something along those lines. I've been dumped so many times by phone, and once even on the internet! Try to do it in person. Give honest answers as to why. And finally, don't break uip in a place where she can cause a scene because that can be embarassing. Try visiting her house or taking her somewhere that's calming in itself to her. If you know a place she goes to calme herself go somewhat close to there, but not there because it'll break the magic that relaxes her. When you do it, be gentle, be kind, and for goodness sakes be honest. If you're not honest she'll wonder about her self image for a while after, wondering what she did wrong. Make lots of eye contact, and slight physical contact. a hand on the shoulder maybe. finally, if you say that you still want to be friends, hold true to that promise. call and talk to her, go out like friends. that will make her feel like she's not worthless and that you really did care, but there was some reason that the relationship did not work." -Chloe, Pittsburgh

Be honest.
"Be honest. Have the decency to look her to her face and tell her. Or at least on the phone, just please don't do it over the internet. Tell her the real reason why, and if you want to remain friends, just tell her that, then give her some space before trying to talk to her again. It'll probably be awkward, but that's what happens." -Connie, California

Don't Be Corny
"Don't take the easy way out!
DO NOT use these following excuses:
It's not you its me
you're too good for me
I don't want to ruin our friendship

Simply tell her how you feel, from your heart. No matter what the reason is, tell her the truth. In the end she will appreciate it more if you don't lie to her. So just listen to this advice, it will help so much in the end." -Mary Kate, Jersey

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