Advice for Men: How to Ask a Woman Out

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Some men have a natural way with the ladies, but the rest of us could use a few pointers, even if we won't admit it. No man wants to come off sounding cheesy and every guy wants to avoid being turned down. Here, the women will share some ideas for approaching that love interest in your life.

Visitor-Submitted Advice:

Be Creative!
"Be creative. Don't just do the sterotypical "do you want to go get some coffee some time" thing. Put some more thought into it. Maybe do something big and outrageous--like, make giant cue cards, stand outside her house, somehow get her attention, then have her read them. It can make dating more fun, and it shows you really do have an interest in her." -Eryn, Jaffery NH

In my experience
"Women love to be complimented, but not in a perverted way. Don't use a pick-up line, use a clean joke that'll make them laugh. Laughter is always a sign of a connection. If you tell a joke the enviroment becomes more comfortable, and she is more prone to say yes if you ask her out. Have confidence, but don't be cocky. (Yes, there is a difference) Good luck! Oh yeah, and a wink or two won't kill ya!" -Cass, USA

Start with a joke!
"For me, the best guys are the ones that start off with a joke. Find a good, clean joke, and memorize it. If she laughs, she's let down her guard- she's relaxed and more open to the idea of dating you." -Jessica, Edmonton, Alberta

You Need to Stand Out
"If you're not sure if she considers you a potential date, show/tell her something about yourself that makes you stand out from the crowd (in a good way). Maybe you have common interests and she doesn't know it yet, you have a piercing she thinks is sexy, you know a language she likes/wants to learn, etc. Just don't make stuff up to impress her - it'll come back to bite you later." -Sarari, Ontario, Canada

Get To Know Her First
"Get to know her, really pay attention when she talks. A great conversation can really get a girl thinking about going out with you. Then just ask if she would like to get together again, maybe have dinner that time or something, and set a definite date. Girls like guys who want to get to know them." -Eryn, USA

"For me, it is hugely important that a guy gives off the impression that he respects me as a person...little things like listening to what I'm saying, looking me in the eye and responding to my conversation with interest are important. That, more than anything, will make me more likely to want to date a guy." -Michelle, USA

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