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Dating Tips and Advice for Singles in Washington

"Even though we live in a state where the weather often compromises going outdoors, there are plenty of things to do as a couple indoors. Usually, anything that you would enjoy doing by yourself can make for a fun and interesting time if you would just share it with another person. That way you're not stuck in the "movie and dinner" loop that most people have a tendency to overuse." -Carrie, Olympia

"The best way to meet someone that tends to be like you is at your passion. If you are into sports, an athletic camp is the best way. If you are religious, a retreat of some type or even someone from your church can make a good match. Just be open to all types, and always remember looks can change but personality hardly ever does. That goes both ways." -Tyler, Tumwater

"I think honesty is the most important quality to look for AND show, no matter what. Be yourself, and ask tough questions. Go out and have some fun! If you like sports, a game is a great place for a date. I don't know where to meet singles except for online. That's worked for me. " -Karolyn, Shelton

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