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Dating Tips and Advice for Singles in Seattle, WA

"From my point of view as a female i tend to like smart, handsome, classy and respectful men. Men with lots of wonder for the world. Enjoy life even when is hard to get through. I was born and raised in Seattle and I fit the typical artist that loves coffee and doesn't mind the rainy weather haha. Nice places to go would be little shops on the pier by the waterfront. There's lots of night clubs and great pubs in downtown Seattle as well. The irish pubs are the best." -Pamela, seattle, wa

"In Bellingham, the bars are a popular place to meet people, especially the Night Light on Thursdays for 80s night. The Rogue Hero is pretty fun sometimes too. Good spots for a date include the Sportsplex Ice Arena, Boulevard Park down by the water, and Mallard's, the local ice cream joint. The downtown area is full of fun places to go on a date, whether you want dinner or just a snack.

Guys and girls in Bellingham are interested in political liberalism and leftist views. Going to war protests is a common diversion. It's uncool to be a Republican in Bellingham. It also helps to be open-minded and not take yourself too seriously." -Robin,

"Girls love to feel like you've made an extra effort for them on a date. Luckily for guys, this is really easy in Seattle. Taking a girl to the cineplex can seem really impersonal if that's all you end up doing, especially considering that Seattle is a city that you can really interact with. If you've both got a funky, adventurous style, go shopping on the Ave or on Broadway. Pick out an outfit for each other and go out on the town, to a concert, whatever. If you're 18-21, good luck finding anyone worth talking to in a club. You're much better off cruising the coffee shops/college atmosphere. Just keep in mind that it really doesn't matter where you are, it all depends on who you're with. You could be sitting in traffic in the rain (what?! in seattle?! lol) but having the best time just because of the person who is in the passenger seat." -Anonymous, U-Dist.

"There is nothing wrong with geeky, nerdy, Star Wars/Star Trek fans. In Seattle, you can celebrate your geekishness and be admired for your snazzy pocket protectors too. Have a Star Trek logo on your credit card? Bonus. You blog obsessively? Even better. But please.... do leave your palm pilot home for the date. Well.... at least the first date. ;)" -Tess, Kirkland

"In Seattle, bring an umbrella on a date, go to the waterfront, take a ferry ride, have a nice lunch/dinner/snack at Pike Place them throw fish, have a cup of coffee at the original first Starbuck's store. Meet people for your particular tastes at Cowgirl's Inc, Pioneer Square, or Belltown. For someone special, charter a Lake Union Air flight overnight to Victoria B.C. on a weekend package. Take a ferry to the San Juan Islands and stay at the Rosario Resort. On a lazy day, watch "Sleepless in Seattle" or "Officer and a Gentleman" and find the film spots together." -Pat, North Seattle

"I love walking around Seattle and looking at all the sights and cool shops. I think it would be 10x more fun if I had someone who really knows the area to show me around and take me to the best places." -P, Kenmore

"Seattle women are interested in active, honest men - but don't want to go to the bars to meet them. Over 30, some of the best places are the grocery store (really!), and Home Depot. In all honesty, Seattle is notoriously difficult for singles who don't drink or hang out in clubs." -Lynn Lusson, Mountlake Terrace

"Good qualities girls are interested in guys: Smart, funny, tall, works out and not a lazy bum, religious.

Good spots for taking a date: Gasworks in Seattle, ferry rides, fishing for salmon & camping out in the woods, canoeing in Lake Washington.

Where to go to meet singles: Most people I know go to clubs." -Madel Torres, Seattle

"Seattle's gray weather seems to have fostered an insulated and almost solitary lifestyle among most of it's inhabitants. Most head east for sun or snow, depending on the season, while here they frequent bars and their local Starbucks.

The one thing you have to do if you live in this area is to make the attempt to get out and do things, even if it's on your own, so that you'll meet others and find others who are like yourself." -Tina, Seattle

"Although Seattle really isnt a party city... there's an abundance of natural beauty that you can enjoy with someone special. When going out to establishments becomes a bore whether they be restaurants, bowling alleys, etc... you can always have a nice bike ride or go kayaking on Lake Union. It's simple and can be very personal. (-_^)
" -Rob Villa, Renton

"People in Seattle are pretty laid back for living in one of the nation's largest cities. We look for people whom we are comfortable with, as does everyone else. Seattleites, in my opinion, are not very picky. The very desperate in the city will almost go for anything with legs. I guess to simmer all that down: Seattle's singles look for potential mates who are just as open as they are to everything that will encompass a relationship.

There are lots of great places for people in Seattle to go to on first dates or for finding romance. On clear summer nights, Kerry Park, overlooking the cityscape, is a great place to take a date. Not necesarily a first date; things tend to get steamy up there if the mood is right. The waterfront of Seattle is filled with great restaurants and views, as well as the Seattle Aquarium. That's an excellent place to take a date. And living in this city, there is a plethora of coffee shops all over. From Tully's & Starbucks to the little ma & pa shops, you can't go wrong.

This is true within almost every city, but a great place to meet singles is anywhere where there are runners. In Seattle's case, head towards Green Lake, any park along Lake Washington, waterfront, etc. Water seems to be the central theme with those. But it's great. The views, nature all around you. All perfect for finding someone." -Jon M., Seattle, Washington (Seward Park neighborhood)

"Do what we do best: go get a cup of coffee, sit down, and get to know the person you're with. Also, guys need to man-up around here, don't be afraid to take control and make decisions, but also know when to say when. A strong man should be able to let loose, but know when to call it quits." -Partyrash, Monroe

"There isn't much to do around here except "hang out." Which, honestly, can be way more fun than going out and spending money. Personally, I don't need to be "impressed." I love doing nothing." -Tanya, Redmond

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