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Dating Tips and Advice for Singles in Pittsburgh, PA

"I live about two hours away, but I love taking guys to the Hard Rock Cafe, especially if I have just started dating them. I took my current boyfriend there when we started dating and the atmosphere there really helped to break the ice. That place is so laid back and calm and you get to watch awesome music videos while you wait for your food. It's a great way to start talking about your preferences in music, what you like and don't like, bands and so forth. This is wonderful especially if you two are musically oriented people like my boyfriend and I." -Shawnee,

"There are so many different places in Pittsburgh that would be great to take a date.

1) Incline on Mount Washington
2) Gateway Clipper
3) CLO
4) Benedum Center
5) Symphony Orchestra
6) The path along the river, by PNC Park
7) Movies of course
8) Parks - Boyce, Highland, Point Park, etc.
9) Walk around Pittsburgh - maybe even through the Strip District
10) Swing Dancing in Squirrel Hill on Saturday nights
11) Any number of things!

I'm new to the Pittsburgh area, so I'm still learning what's available!" -Bethany, Pittsburgh

"When you wake up in the morning, you can start your day two ways. You can start it with a positive attitude, or you can start it with a negative attitude. If you start your day having a positive attitude, you might lose it by the end of the day, but you've taken a chance at having a wonderful day. In fact, more often than not, if you start your day out smiling, then by the end of the day, unless something bad happens, you'll end your day with that smile. If you start it out sour and grumpy, you'll most likely go through your day without an open mind, without any real cheer, and in the end, have that sour puss look on your face when you pass out." -John, Bradford

"One of the biggest downfalls of young singles is the idea of going to a bar or club to meet someone. If you just want sex, there are other ways of finding such. If you just want to meet someone for a friend or date, it is normally pretty hard to find people with the same tastes as you in a city as diversely isolated as Pittsburgh. If you are looking for a long-term relationship, the only type of relationship you'll pick up while looking for a nice guy or girl in a bar is the relationship of alcohol to your lips. Don't just settle for searching in a bar because it's a happening social place with singles in plain sight. Do some work to meet people with similar tastes and you'll end up happier in the long run." -Adam, Oakland

"A good date in the Pittsburgh area would be a Pirate game. It's a fun atmosphere, and the Pirates don't distract you from getting to know your date! Then you can take a walk around the North Shore and scope out Point State Park." -Anonymous,

"Southside Works is a decent place to go on a typical date. Not only is there a movie theater to set the tone for the date, but there are restaurants, coffee shops, and even a bookstore to sit down and talk. It's also a great place to people-watch. (It's close to the bars too)" -Jeremy, Southside

"If you like live music, Pittsburgh has a good music scene. Sports Rock Cafe is always a fun place to go and have a few drinks and let loose playing video games." -John, Pittsburgh

"Well I think Kennywood would be a good place to take someone on a date and there's all kind of things in the strip district in Pittsburgh so that's a good place to meet differnet people." -Katie, Mt. Pleasant

"A great place to go on dates is to the museums and to the aviary. I also like to go to Steeler's tailgating parties. Never underestimate the fun of walking down The Strip in downtown Pittsburgh on a Saturday." -Ruth Hartman, Alleghany City

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