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Dating Tips and Advice for Singles in New Jersey

"New Jersey singles. As far as great places to take a date we have some of the best options in the world. We're near so many parks, restaurants, malls, and movie theaters, as well as less-traditional places like skating rinks and sports arenas. New York City is also not far away and filled with interesting places to enjoy... some for much cheaper prices than you think. If you don't want to go into the city and are 21 (the bars are very strict)... Hoboken is a great night spot to visit as well." -pat, Elmwood Park

"I don't know about anyone else, but it doesn't matter to me where I'm taken, as long as it feels fun, and/or romantic. A picnic at Spring Lake, or a day at Great Adventure, as long as it's with the right guy. Opposites might attract, but for how long?" -Tara, Belmar

"The Medport diner is a hotspot in Medford. It's open 24/7, I think. Charlie's Other Brother is a fancy restaurant around here. The Burlington Center, Moorestown Mall, and Cherry Hill mall are great malls to hang out at. Borders or Barns and Noble are great bookstores to chill at, too, if you are looking to meet people. Marlton 8 is cheaper but has less showings; Burlington Regal is more expensive but has more showings. Tabernacle Park is a good place to get in touch with your inner kids and have fun. The shore is nice, LBI is good to go to, you might not need a beach pass there. Have fun. Oh and police are around... so be aware." -Jimmy, Southampton

"The Jersey Shore and the boardwalk is a great place to meet many young adults. Even bars and clubs can be good places. Sometimes you do have to sort through the bad apples to get to the one good one.

I know as a Jersey Girl I am interested in someone who not only respects themself but respects all kinds of different people. Someone who is kind towards others and will know what a good catch I am. :)" -Erin, Cream Ridge

"Personally, I feel that a great place to take a girl from New Jersey on a date would be a place that holds her interests. If she enjoys reading, or conversing over a cup of coffee, an ideal place would be Barns n Noble and Starbucks. Since there are plenty of malls in New Jersey, take her on a shopping spree if she enjoys shopping. The mountains up north are a beautiful place to go to if she is someone who is 'one with nature' or she could go south if she likes the thrill of horror. There are many clubs in New Jersey if she likes going to them, and Six Flags: Great Adventure would be an excellent place to go to if she loves rollercoasters. Also, New Jersey has a great historical backround with many museums to visit. What's great about New Jersey is the fact that there are so many different places to go to within this small state, and they are all within an easy driving distance. If there is something you and your partner are into, New Jersey would most likely have it. From fabulous golf courses to, well, everything else. You should never get bored in this state. And hey, the two different 'worldly' atmospheres in New Jersey will never let you and your date get bored." -Joe Dalessandro, Woodbury

"Ultimate frisbee is the way to go, if you are into a lot of music try outdoor vfw shows, or open mic nights at coffee houses, just go places, no need to show things off, we're jersey kids, simple things are what we like. That's what I like. Not too much the romantic type, just fun and outgoing, yet sometimes like to relax, just mix a little of the two, it's all good." -Trisha,

"If you're down in south Jersey a great place to check out is Whaler's Cove. It's pretty far outside the tourist areas, just go down by the ferry terminal, keep right and then drive north along the Delaware Bay on Beach Drive until you see it. You'll be a bit confused...this restaurant looks transplanted from the tropics. Last time I was there, they even had imported palm trees (supposedly they import new ones each year as they don't survive Jersey winters)! Great food, especially the popcorn shrimp, but best of all is the sunset over the water. Do not come too late or you will miss it! Then after dinner you and your date can walk along the sand across the road.

If your date is a bit quirky you can go over to the Menz restaurant, which is also outside the tourist areas although it gets pretty busy. I won't tell you more, but be prepared to see stuffed two-headed animals and other strange sites..." -Bill, Wildwood

"Girls in New Jersey are not dumb and they don't solely care about shopping and looking "cute". We have minds of our own and we care about important issues. Treat us with respect and maybe you'll be able to get to know the real us." -Samantha, North Bergen

"The Jersey shore! This is the place to meet people in the summertime, if you are young and single (older people will not have much luck as most of the older folks visiting shore are married with children). Try going on the Memorial Day weekend to a place like Seaside Heights. You also can't go wrong with Wildwood. The boardwalk is also a nice place to take a date--you'll have fun when the sun is shining, and possibly romance after the sun goes down. Try the big ferris wheel at Wildwood for some alone time (as long as you aren't afraid of heights!). And there is also Six Flags Great Adventure, for people who like rollercoasters. Not a bad way to spend a day." -James, Morristown

"As a girl, I love to be taken out to eat in Philly at a nice restuarant! It makes me feel special to dress up and get out of the suburban life for a bit : )

Like most of the girls I know, I am interested in having fun. I love going to bars, dancings, and talking to people. Just about any event can be fun with the right kind of people around. Being spontaneous is also a good thing : )" -wu, Deptford

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