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Dating Tips and Advice for Singles in New Hampshire

"Well, my advice to singles in this area is althought NH is small, there are a lot of fun, romantic things you can do on a date. In the winter you can ice skate, snowboard, ski, and there is always the movies or dinner. You could go see the Monarchs play hockey at the Verizon center, or in spring and summer go watch the Fisher Cats play baseball. You could have a picnic on the lake or in a park, jet ski, boating, go to the beach, take a walk, go to a club or bar. There are a lot of different places to go around here that you may not think of, and that so many people take for granted because they look at it as boring, or lame or too small, but those things can be the most special and romantic. Also, you could take a hike up a mountain, or go enjoy the scenery up at the notch. Take a train up the White Mountains, or go to a museum. Use your imagination and you could think of a million and one things to do around here. My main dating advice to singles and couples is always be honest and open with your spouse or significant other, always be understanding, and learn to laugh more at yourselves and each other because it makes the hard times a lot easier to get through. Communication is key, so always remember to tell each other what you are feeling!" -Kendra, Manchester

"A good date: Rent a pair of Kayaks and share the scenery together on the Piscataqua. Most rental shops have hourly or daily rates - take a pair up to the mountains or seacoast to share intimate moments together in nature." -Carla Companion, Dover, NH

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