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Dating Tips and Advice for Singles in North Carolina

"About one of the tips I read, it is so not true. The typical "Scarlet OHara" southern girl... we are not all like that. My advice to guys in North Carolina is to be a gentlemen. You are always going to find girls (in ANY state) that feel that men should bow down to them... But there are plenty of girls out there who are NOT like that! Go to a country bar and just have fun... Speaking for myself, I jsut like to have and be relaxed... Remember to always be honest. If you want to see other people, then tell her. More often then not she is feeling the same way. Back to whoever wrote that quote about southern girl being superficial, anyone can be superficial so don't believe that every girl that talks country is like that... Having fun and being a gentleman is sure to make dating easier for anyone! (Beach trips are fun AND romantic!)" -Jennie, Wrightsville Beach

"Grape Escape is a good place to go for a quiet date.
Usual Suspects and Zambra's have the best food in a more relaxed atmosphere.
Blue Ridge Parkway is ideal to go for a drive. Head north towards Weaverville for a great view of East Asheville.
Biltmore Estate is a fun way to spend the day if you have a little cash to spend freely.
There isn't a really good place to meet singles in Asheville. These are suggestions if you already have someone in mind." -Cat, Asheville, NC

"Too many southerners are superficial. Especially southern girls. For some reason most souther girls seem to want what "everyone else wants" or in other words...the hollywood rendition of a "man". Guys however also only seem to be after a piece-a booty no matter how aestetichally incompatible they's ridiculous. I think honestly that they..."we" should all get over them/ourselves and grow up; look past what's desired and look at what's DESIRABLE. " -Kevin Billups, Brevard North Carolina

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