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Dating Tips and Advice for Singles in Montana

"Montana girls are a different kind of breed, beautiful and Adventurous. They don't like to sit around. Be kind, use your manners and be confident, but not a jackass. If you're lucky enough to get a Montana girl don't be the stereotype, don't take her horse back riding or assume that she's a cowgirl. Show her a good time during the day, take her to the nearest lake or ski resort and spoil her a little. At night take her out maybe cook for her show her that you can provide. Montana's a hard place to live, and if she has her mind set on living here awhile, a man who can provide is most likely what she's going to need. " -Onymous,

"Well you can meet girls in the bars and bowling alleys at the collague and in some of the more trendy restaurants around. Also on MySpace--a lot do it that way. Not to mention the mall and the walmart, of course.

Both sexes like to go downtown and drink and hang out and meet people. Dates or dinner spots are everywhere, just find a nice niche resteraunt--The Depot is always nice, and on the deck there are lots of people to meet, and the service is excellent! Good selections with wine, beer and shelf liquor." -Trevor Erickson, Lolo/Missola

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