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Dating Tips and Advice for Singles in Minneapolis, MN

"There are a lot of stigma's out there, and in Minneapolis, or anywhere, everyone is trying to fit everyone else into one of these categories, people need to learn that this is a new time in the world. Old stigmas no longer apply, get over yourself and let people in. It might surprise you how trustworthy the people around you are if you give them a chance." -Daniel, north metro

"Going on walks is an excellent date: Como Lake and Lake Calhoun are my two favorites...there are playgrounds to stop and have a laugh or two, people watching if the conversation is in a lull, and physical activity that doesn't leave you breathless. After, there are places close enough by to have a cup of coffee or even dinner if things are going well, or you can ditch out early." -Anonymous,

"Personally, I'm always interested in strong-willed, engaging women who don't passively wait for guys to come to them. I give a lot of respect to women who will go and talk to guys they are interested in.

People often say to never bring up religion or politics when meeting people. I make a point to bring these topics up, as they're great for conversation. If you can bite your tongue and listen to what the other person has to say, you can make a real connection." -Stefan, Minneapolis/Prospect Park

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