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Dating Tips and Advice for Singles in Michigan

"In Michigan, or anywhere else for that matter, I think it's a good idea to look for dates in places where men and women would share interests such as skiing, working out, dancing, etc. If they're serious about finding someone with the same religious background, it would be fun to join a singles group at their church." -Laura, Traverse City

"if you are dating in michigan, and you drive waaaay too much, then overcome the stigma against computer dating/seeking/whatever, and save yourself some time. In the ocean of people, computers are like a fish radar. Go for the big ones." -Jsomething, Pontiac

"Good qualities include being able to be spur of the moment on making plans and on deciding where to go. Being able to enjoy Michigan weather is also a plus, because you never know when it's gonna rain or snow. Some fun places to go around the Detroit area include downtown Ann Arbor, Plymouth, Northville, and downtown Detroit." -megan, Livonia

"Going to bars and getting drunk with your date may not be as fun as it seems. He/she may detest the annoying drunken people but go along with you and pretend to have fun out of their affection for you.

Try to find some fun that doesn't involve injuring your body, and that shares a common interest or new adventure for the two of you, rather than giving in to primal urges." -Hi, Ypsilanti

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