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Dating Tips and Advice for Singles in Grand Rapids, MI

"Grand Rapids is a great place for people to just cruise 28th Street or Plainfeild and look for things to do. There's definitely enough stuff to do for anyone's tastes. A great spot for teens is East Town. Usually they hold a lot of annual outdoor events. My favorite coffee shop is Skeletones on Division. They have great Chai Tea and free performances!" -Michael Miller, Grand Rapids

"I think people in GR want what everyone wants, someone they can talk to, have fun with, and by getting to know a person better, feeling as though a part of their life is more in place.
For romantic dates I'd suggest maybe a walk through Meijer Gardens and then dinner at a swanky resturant, but for the more fun-loving among us there is always Chucky Cheese!" -Anonymous, Big Rapids

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