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Dating Tips and Advice for Singles in Detroit, MI

"Girls in the Detroit area just want to find some one who they can love and some one who loves them back. For who they are and now for the way they are in bed. A nice place to take a date would be to a park. Or to the movies.. or even Open Skating would be a blast. You could most likely meet singles any where you go. It's just the luck of the draw." -Britt, Trenton

"People in Detroit are not seeking what I am seeking. This place is not good for singles to be. I am seeking long-term, Detroit is usually a place of just fun times. If you are single in Detroit I would try to explain that it may be very hard for you to find someone worthy of a long-term relationship. Just take it slow and easy until you find the right person, or move away." -Michael, Warren

"A great place for a good date is Mongolian BBQ, you learn about how your date likes to eat, and how cultured they are. And you can always get up from the table to get away from boring conversation, if need be." -Maggie, Detroit

"Guys, girls love to just be in your company. So take them some where dark open and spend the evening gazing at the nights stars!" -Dana, Milford

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