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    Dating Tips and Advice for Singles in Maryland

    "Communication is the key. Don't go into a relationship and say that you are going to tell each other everything, and then keep things bottled up inside of you because you are afraid of how your partner would feel about it. That bottled up detestment will rot your relationship. You need to be honest with each other and fully communicate, and then work your problems out. And if you can't work your problems out then you are not meant to be with that person. Otherwise, how are you supposed to open with each other and fall in love." -Courtney, Lanham

    "Going into Baltimore on weekdays when the tourist are not as thick can make it easier to meet people since the crowds will not be a bad and attitudes are more relaxed.

    Ellicott City is a fun little town to day trip to.

    Annapolis for an interesting time seeing local history, perhaps find something fun to do on the water and stop by local restaurants. Wander further than just downtown though." -Some Guy, Annapolis

    "An ideal date for me is to take girl out to a comedy club. Specifically the DC Improv or Baltimore Improv. Both are in nice districts and you can go out to dinner and/or drinks before the show.

    Also, we got the Chesapeake Bay, people!!! Use it!!! Take a girl out on the water (in warm weather preferably). My favorites are sailing and kayaking but you can also go jet skiing, water skiing, tubing, fishing, etc. Annapolis is also a great place to take a date to dinner after a day on the water." -Will, Davidsonville

    "There are so many good places for dates here: Cosi's restaurant in Bethesda is a nice place to cuddle up and have s'mores. Dave & Busters or ESPN Zone is fun, and the waterfront in DC has alot of nice restaurants." -hilary, college park

    "Take a date to the commedy club. Nothing is better than laughing and a few drinks. Afterwards (or before) maybe a nice dinner in Little Italy. Later on go to The Brewers Art for some drinks in a nice, easy atmosphere. If you don't connect after that, forget her and move on." -j tyler blue, Jessup

    "Well don't know much about what to do or where to go, but Rockville is always nice, good movie theather, food, lots of stuff. Bethesda is fun for just the same. There's Montgomery Mall, DC is nearby for shopping (a plus for the ladies) and for the sights, and lots more in the area. People are nice (overall), the area is nice (once again overall), and you usually can find things to do no matter your interest." -Hoot, Potomac

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