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Dating Tips and Advice for Singles in Louisiana

"A poll was taken a couple of years ago for the Lafayette, Louisiana area. It showed that out of every four single women, there was ONE single bachlor!

This place asked for advice, so here's mine. If a woman is independant and doesn't feel the need to be overwhelmed by a man, respect her in that! If she says she has children and just wants you to be there for her because the children have their dad, then don't freak out and stay stuck on the fact that she has children. If someone is attractive and over weight, it doesn't mean they're illiterate or desperate, take time to get to know the soul inside! For all that matters in the end is that you like one another enough to grace the other with your presence and share a little piece of life and a cup of happiness. Just never sell yourself out for the happiness of another, for to do so would be a slow and painful death to your soul! " -Artemis, Lafayette

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