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Dating Tips and Advice for Singles in Louisville, KY

"Bardstown Road on any weeknight is a nice, busy yet still low-key place to go for a drink, coffee, or out to eat. Weekends, Bardstown Road is too busy for intimacy, but a nice drive out to nearby parks or lakes is always beautiful and peaceful. Waterfront Park is a fabulous place to stroll on a warm night!

There are all kinds of artistic venues for meeting people. Poetry readings, art shows, festivals, are happening all the time. Pick up a LEO magazine on most street corners, & you can find a ton of ways to get out & meet people.

Don't be afraid just to ask someone out if you meet them at random & have a good rapport! They always love it!" -Lynda, Old Louisville

"If you want to find the places to go, you just need to know the right people. Louisville is the best place to live if you are into the right things. The gay community is strong. It is a great town to be in. I love it :)" -Tanya, U of L

"The best place for dates, first or regular, is the Highlands area. If she likes pizza, I suggest Spinelli's on Baxter Avenue. Otherwise, there are countless exotic resteraunts, bars, and clubs to explore on Bardstown Road." -Joseph Aebersold, Camp Taylor

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