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Dating Tips and Advice for Singles in Indiana

"There are two kinds of people in Indiana, those who love the midwestern ways and those who can't wait to get away from them. For those who love IN and the country ways, they are easier to entertain and are all around humble people with the occassional wild streaks. For those who hate IN, they need to go out all the time and need the higher class life to be entertained. Fun is the key, if you can't have fun together it won't work. For we college age kids, you're either a drinker or not. For those who aren't there are three movie theatres, lots of coffee places, beautiful parks, and a few bar-less dance places. For we drinkers you can pick from dance bars (Neon Cactus), to sports bars (Chumley's), to live band bars(Meyers)." -Britany, Lafayette, IN

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