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Dating Tips and Advice for Singles in Rockford, IL

"First of all, I think it's important to understand that Rockford doesn't have tht much to offer to an already blooming world, but what it does have is perfect for everyday life. For a first date, there's always "Octane", a trendy little restaurant downtown that serves great sodas and food. The atmosphere there is very friendly and inviting. Theres also "Paragon", for those who don't mind a big dent in their wallet. This place offers great spirits and a matching menu. Although it's items are on the pricy side, it's worth it because the food is pretty good. Chances are, your date will be impressed with your obvious carelessness towards money and price... so maybe you'll get some. lol.

If you're of age, there's either "Bacchus" or "Carlyle Brewing Company". Both offer alcoholic beverages and an over twenty-one environment. For those of the same sex orientation, there's always "The Office", a gay club which showcases female impersonators. There isn't much room to breathe in there or anything but the atmosphere is mediocre." -Hector,

"I don't think the bar is the best place to meat people because most people who go to the bar are going to have a drinking problem or don't have any hobbies that they like. I am not saying that going to the bar is wrong, but if you go to the bar every night you might have a problem or find someone, start dating, and realize they have a drinking problem. Don't think that you have to go somewhere special to find someone; just do what you like to do. If you have hobbies, do that and you will find someone who has the same interests as you do. Don't go searching or you will find something you don't want; just let it take place naturally." -Bret,

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