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Dating Tips and Advice for Singles in Tampa, FL

"Tampa men are looking for someone who is not controlling, does not stereotype men before they meet men, and is more like a homegirl than a girlfriend. They also want a woman who knows how to balance being sexually-confident without being promiscuous. Women who are dependent on men and expect too much out of them are a definite turn off. Women who have conversation and have a wider range of thought besides car, clothes, and jewelry are greatly appreciated. Any half decent looking woman who carries herself well can get a man. A woman who can look sexy in what she wears and not come off as a ho is a definite plus." -Anonymous,

"I personally like going to a restaurant called 'Melting Pot'
--it is a fondu restaurant. The atmosphere and the way you cook with your partner and dipping fruits in melted chocolate makes a perfect ending for an important date!" -Jacob, Tampa

"There's an excellent seafood place by Clearwater beach, it's cheap (relatively, seafood's fairly expensive no matter where you get it), and within walking distance of the sand! The perfect place for a post-beach meal. Unfortunately I can't remember its name, but you can see it to the left on the way in, next to the roundabout." -Anonymous, Tampa

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