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Dating Tips and Advice for Singles in Tallahassee, FL

"There's an active dance community in Tallahassee. Whether you're into swing, ballroom, country & western, or Latin, there's a place for you. Stetson's on the Moon offers country & western dancing on Friday nights. Atlantis has Latin dancing (and lessons) on Saturday nights. Julie's has swing dancing, as well as a bit of variety, on Wednesday nights. The American Legion offers dancing on Monday and Tuesday nights." -Anonymous,

"Tradition is completely overrated. Personalities are as different as thumb prints and I just wish people my age would recognize that they are not robots and are free to date or mingle at any rate they please. It's really up to that individual. As a woman, of course I look for appearance but I don't even go to the gym myself. It's not about who has the best body, it's about what I like. The fifty cent movies are so fun, and random shows at local bars. I think the best place to meet singles is either Publix or a business that specializes in certain interests (i.e. books, music, movies, school, etc.)." -jessica., Pensacola, Florida

"Since Tallahassee is a college town, you find a vast majority of the guys looking for that cookie-cutter sorority girl in the Abercrombie and Fitch attire and a recent toasting from a local "cancer box"(tanning bed). The girls here have a wide range of tastes... the ones that grew up here, the locals, mostly go for that southern good ole boy who is polite, respectful, and decently dressed. The others usually will go for one of two types... The stereotypical frat guy who's brain has absorbed more hair gel than his hair has... or the borderline white trash redneck with no manners and a somewhat misogynistic personality." -Ryan, Piney Z

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