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Dating Tips and Advice for Singles in Orlando, FL

"Orlando is a transient city full of tourists, so meeting someone who isn't leaving soon is difficult. I guess you would have to go to a bar of some sort to meet people as this city has no culture at all. Maybe at a gym or out shopping in Thornton Park or Lake Eola area you could meet a nice pretentious clothes whore who works for Disney!!..Good luck!" -CJ, Avalon Park Orlando Florida

"I think that Orlando is like any other place in what women are looking for. I can't speak for a male because I'm not one, but women just want someone who isn't afraid to be free. Free-spirited, free with their humor, and free with their love. As far as good spots for dates, I think that Orlando has tons of places to go. It really depends on your interests. I like City Walk, Festival Bay, and the beach. Singles are every where; if you go to a specific place where only singles hang you'll probably find that you've ended up with a bunch of desperate people who are too scared to show who they really are, and insteand show you who they think you want." -Kristin, Orlando

"I agree with the person who suggested Pirate's Cove. It's a great date idea to take her mini golfing, either at the location on I-Drive or the one at Crossroads. Go in spring or fall and avoid the tourist season. Another neat spot to go is Celebration, the Disney-created town.

In general though, avoid the tourist areas. You can have fun at places like Citywalk or Pleasure Island or some of the places on the I-Drive strip, but these places are loaded with tourists and you will not find lasting love there. Try to stay off the beaten path if you're looking for a serious relationship. Go to a local coffee shop, take a trip to the beach, find something local in your neighborhood." -Jack, Apopka

"take the paddle boats on Lake Eola, or pack a picnic for just you and your lady. The love in your life should be the most important element in your life. Treat her as such." -Miguel, Clermont

"If you are looking to build a lasting and genuine relationship, being "hip" is not where it's at! In Orlando we are blessed and cursed to have so many pre-made activities available (clubs, theme parks, etc.) ... while they're fun, a steady diet of these things does nothing to help you know your girl/guy deeper. Try activities that encourage conversation, like hiking Wekiwa, walking around Lake Eola, volunteering at Give Kids The World, or picking up trash for the Save Our Rivers project. You want someone REAL to spend your life with, so be REAL in your activities. Okay, off the soapbox now.... ;-)" -Bonni, Orlando

"Most people in Orlando are horribly superficial, constantly on the way to the next best thing. A large number of women in relationships are in them solely because it's safer than being single. " -Will,

"Mini-golfing at Pirate's Cove on I-Drive then dinner at Café Tu Tu Tango right next door is one of the funnest dates I've ever been on." -Katy, East Orlando

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