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Dating Tips and Advice for Singles in Fort Collins, CO

"Hey, I met the love of my life on the internet. Granted it was a little scary for the both of us going on the first date because we didn't know if the other had been honest the whole time we had been chatting on the internet. But luckily, it turned out we had, and we ended up falling in love and now we plan to get married as soon as I graduate. It's rough because he goes to school in Wyoming and I go to school in Colorado, but its not too far and we talk almost every day. I think the cliche is right; you find love in places you least expect to find it, and you find it when you're not looking for it. :)

As far as good spots for dates, take him or her to a park and feed the ducks and have a picnic (or fast food). Go bowling with his or her friends one night and have a BBQ after. If you have been dating for awhile, suprise him or her and take him or her to the hot springs (there are lots of these in Colorado! Check out Mt. Princeton springs near Buena Vista=pretty cheap and really fun!) Go for a hike (the mountains are RIGHT THERE) or go see a movie and then go read to each other at a book store and get coffee. Play catch. Go geocaching. Go dancing. Go see a show, concert, musical, etc. Go visit a historical mining town and walk around to go window shopping. Go to the zoo. Go visit his or her "hometown" and take his or her dogs for a walk. Take interest in the lives of his or her family members. Play a question/answer game so you can learn about each other. Just remember to have fun. ;) People are looking for honesty, willingness to have fun, and a good sense of humor. Obviously you need to be physically attracted to one another but I don't think that's the most important quality, and I think physical attraction grows stronger once you know the person :) Afterall, someday you are going to be old and wrinkly whether you like it or not (and botox just makes you look like a plastic doll) so you have to love the person for his or her mind and personality, and not just their appearance ;) Good luck." -Kelly, Greeley

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