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Dating Tips and Advice for Singles in Colorado Springs, CO

"My advice to any single, and/or couples, is to respect each other's boundaries. Take the initiative slower so that you don't miss out on the little things that make the relationship really worthwhile. Rushing into something just makes the both of you expect a little too much out of the other party, which then creates fighting. Being upfront about feelings is a major aspect too. Honesty is very over-looked in today's society, especially where relationships are concerned. The climbing divorce rate revolves around one party or another not being honest with their significant other, and most importantly not being honest with themselves.

Always be true to yourself; never settle for less than you feel you deserve; and most importantly, live to be happy and love to do it. " -Ryan, Pueblo

"Colorado Springs doesn't have much of a night life, but you can still get out and about and find somebody to chill with. If you're looking for a fun environment with outgoing people, hit a bar like the Tam O'Shanter or Thunder & Buttons. Like the quieter scene? Barnes and Noble has Starbucks and is packed with intellectual guys and gals searching for love (and a good book)! There's always clubs like Rumbay and Tequila's if you're looking for the beautiful people, and of course, you can always hit some of the hole-in-the-walls near CC if you're scanning the college crowd. " -Kat, West Side

"I look for hoensty right off the bat. Men should express immediately what they are looking for. And if you don't want kids, say so. You'd save a lot of money and effort on certain women. Great spots for dates? Old Chicago has great food, pool, great music, and a bar. That's like three dates in one. If you're more romantic, horseback riding at a local stable or going to Seven Falls is incredible. Good way to get close quickly. To meet singles in my area I would usually go to a coffee shop, because those are the only men who read AND know how to be social." -Bella, Colorado Springs

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