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Dating Tips and Advice for Singles in Torrance, CA

"Simply put, don't date someone until you get to know them better. Hang out with them in group activities, don't let hormones get the best of you and sleep with them right away. Preferably, wait till marriage. You are, ultimately the only one who can decide what you want. This site is an excellent guide but be honest with yourself follow the advice of God, not a computer screen, and not your libido. One last tidbit: don't date someone unless you are willing to marry them without getting a divorce." -David Slain, Torrance

"Torrance is so close to the beach that people should really watch the sunset along any of the beach cities' piers. Personally I like Manhattan Beach Pier. Grab Starbucks two blocks up and walk down to the pier with your date and watch the sunset. It's really beautiful." -Anonymous,

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