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Dating Tips and Advice for Singles in Los Angeles, CA

"Great places to go to in Los Angeles area with a date that are not so expensive. Go to MOCA on a Thursday after 5pm it's free. Go to Echo Park and get on the little boats in the lake and move around using your feet instead of paddles. Go to Phillipe's for the best sandwiches you ever tasted or Olvera Street for good Mexican food." -Summer, SGV

"Thoughtful Dating Advice for all you singles in the Hollywood/Los Angeles Area:

Ok, Ladies grab your girlfriends and your guyfriends and find places where you can go to meet new people. LA is full of places to go and things to do! There's NO excuse. The hardest part of beginning to find new friendships is getting out there and doing it! So, get off your ***, grab some cash, collect your friends and get out there and Party! The right person is bound to come along right when you least expect it; probably when you're out there having a good time not caring and not searching for Mr. Right! " -Kat, Hollywood, CA

"In LA it's really hard to find a good, honest and great guy. It's hard. Especially in a city like this.
But let's face it, not a lot of us looking to get married right now. Just go out and try new things, date new people. Don't hold yourself back. Doing so could keep you from finding that one special guy you're looking for.
Also, you're never going to find someone perfect. Someone who meets your standards. You just gotta find the one who doesn't have your standards but has the love for you.
That's all that matters. If he loves you and is in love with you, what else could you ask for?" -Mika, Via Verde

"LA - the city where pretty much nobody is from, and everybody is. Single people everywhere, living in small apartments spread all out through the town ... so the disconnected thing happens more often than not.

On dating spots - at least for a picnic ... look to the hills - La Canada, Griffith Park, or watching the sun set at a bar down by the beach. Of course - all these places I just mentioned are like an hour apart from each other during peak plan carefully. =P" -Akie Kotabe, Burbank

"The city can get awfully crowded at times, and there's no better place to take a date than up into the San Gabriel Mountains for a hike. Set up a picnic up above the monestary and enjoy a wonderful view of the valley and downtown. It might seem like a bit strange, but a lot of women will appriciate a planned out trip, and it counts for a lot." -Anonymous, Alhambra

"For guys, please be polite and open doors and pull out chairs. Nothing ruins it more than a guy who doesn't have manners. If you want to take a girl out on a date, you can take her to the Santa Monica pier. What's better than the beach, a small amusement park, and dinner along the coast?" -Sandy, Alhambra

"Good spots for taking date: Any decent restaurant in LA (Sawtelle + Olympic is a rich place for that) Swatelle Kitchen, Furaibo, Hurry Curry, Mizu 212, Shabu Hachu, Givoannis, Sushi Karen, Il Moro, Bamboo, and Drago are all great date restaurants + A good movie. There's also: Urth Cafe Beverly Hills, cruising on PCH at night with the top down, the beach, lunches under the sun, Westwood,
and White Lotus if you feel like clubbing." -Marc, Culver City

"People are generally drawn to down-to-earth individuals who are comfortable in their skin. Don't pretend to be somebody you're not and bring out who you are at the core.

With discernment, be upfront about your intentions in a tactful way. Be ready for a no and take it gracefully and move on if it doesn't work out.

Don't dwell in past failures but learn from them to make you more strong, confident, and forward-moving.

Good spots to take a date can be right in your own backyard as long as you can bring out your natural creativity and be resourceful. The 99 cents store is a great place to start!

Just because we live in LA doesn't mean we have to spend our money faster than we make it. Try to avoid the pull of television to make you think you won't be happy unless you buy someone's product. Find joy within your sphere of friends and your Creator.

Places: Crowded busses, jogging down PCH, at one of the gazillion Starbucks we have right in our small city, a live concert, and on the elevator." -timeeya, LA/OC/Valley area

"The weather in California is beautiful. Take advantage of it and go to the beach. Walk the distance from point A to point B. Don't be intimidated to be the only couple on the street (LA people love their cars and love to drive) because it can be oddly romantic." -Yvonne, Torrance

"In Los Angeles, you have to stand out. Take a date to the beach, dinner, movies, you name it we have it. Meet singles at colleges, parties, clubs or just on the streets." -Serena, El Sereno

"I don't know about people from other cities, but people in Los Angeles, such as myself, seek people who are outgoing. I look for someone who can show me a good time, and I don't mean an expensive date. Someone who can hold a conversation with me is very attractive. Keep my interest in him during our date, and make me NOT want to leave wherever we're at. We should be comfortable with one another, even during the first date and making me laugh is definitely a big plus. In the end, people can be from different parts of the world but the possibilities of making a connection can still be very high, all depending on that how the two of you act. And it's very crucial that you act yourself, because they will eventually find out the truth anyway." -Nina M., Los Angeles

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