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Dating Tips and Advice for Singles in Anaheim, CA

"Go to Disneyland and socialize, you may meet that special someone. Just buy an annual pass and wait in those dreaded long lines and talk to people. Who knows who you may meet, could be a nice friend to hang out at Disneyland with since they have an annual pass or the love of your life.
Have a great day." -david, Anaheim

"In Anaheim, there are not many places to go. You have your clubs and malls but not a lot of places to meet people. For romance there are movie places, like drive-ins, great places to eat. And even for fun there's dromo one mini race cars, where everyone goes to and all love doing it at least once. Other than that there is the beach in Newport, fine dinning and good fun. There's hiking by the beach or going to find somewhere to hike." -Devin, Orange

"Girls just wanna have fun. Bottom line, and there are plenty of ways to do that. Girls want a guy who is funny and makes them laugh, is outgoing and creative, and last but not least, girls want a guy who is easy to talk to and be with. There are nice, pretty women just about anywhere. Just keep your eyes and ears open. I tend to pay a lot more attention to things than other people do. Good dates are about spending time together and creating a romantic bond with your dates. Share a new experience or adventure, so to speak. Most of all, BE COOL!

One good thing to keep in mind, is that you shouldn't spend most of your initial time together talking about and going over boring details and basic facts about one another such as history and specific preferences. Just flirt and joke around." -Jonathan, Costa Mesa

"Dating, I believe, comes from a latin root which means "A burning pit of fire and brimstone otherwise known as hell".

Dating can be the most strenuous, exhausting, overwhelming thing you ever go through, or it can be a fun, easy-going experience.

The theory is simple. Find someone you get a long with; if you like him/her enough, ask her out on a date; if the date goes well, start going steady. If that works out for you for a while, head on down to Las Vegas and get married.

If only it were simple.

The reality is that you will meet hundreds of individuals who just might be the love of your life, and it is nearly impossible to tell which one you will actually be able to stand for a couple of months without bitin' the bullet.

So my friends, I can only say this. "The path may be twisted, and stones may rise to cut your feet just as branches may drop to snag your clothing and your skin, but you must persevere. For the only thing that can heal these wounds is the treasure which lies at the end of the path. A treasure that you will never recognize until you see it. Love."

Yours in mind," -David Cromer, Anaheim

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