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Dating Tips and Advice for Singles in Tucson, AZ

"In this town, one needs to lay low. If you're looking for someone who "looks" like what your looking for then you're in the right place. However, to find someone with true depth and personality you need to listen very closely to those who feel "oppressed" by local culture. Tucson is a town that the rest of the United States forgot to bring up, so people don't know any better when they take on a social image, and those who cling to moral value get buried under the force of it. Looks are what we have. True relationships.....those you have to look for." -Brad, Tucson

"Since conformity in Tucson is on the rampage, younger men and women are starting to look less at the mind and personality of a person, and more to the external. Standards of beauty are changing too, as men become buffoons without any restraint or sense of style, and women cease to realize that they cannot express themselves and be taken seriously when wearing clothing that brands them as sex symbols. Try looking past the girl's/boy's exterior, folks. Find the beautiful, dignified, inspiring person beneath all that, and quit thinking with your respective genitalia." -Cap'n Spooky, Oro Valley/Tucson

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