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Dating Tips and Advice for Singles in Montgomery, AL

"My opinion on meeting new people at is on myspace. I've meet the most wonderfulest people and made alot of new friends. And it's free! I also, have had a couple of relationships with some of the people that I've meet on myspace. Also, Quest. I meet my first true love there. Call Quest. It's free for women, but only free for men after 9. I met my first love on there. It was amazing. I got engaged with him and a lot of other things, too. Even though it didn't work out like we all hoped it too, it the fact that I got to experence something so special for once in my life. So I think that myspace and Quest Phone Chat Line are the best places to meet new people. :)" -Kayla, Montgomery, Alabama

"The best place to hang out and meet new people is in the mall. A lot of people go there, and most of them are usually looking for new people to hang out with. Most females are looking for emotional attachment. They want to know that they are the only one for you. The most romatic place is the Shakespeare festival park. It's nice and quiet there." -Clarissa, Montgomery/the north side

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