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Dating Tips and Advice for Singles in Birmingham, AL

"Birmingham's singles culture is an odd mix of people. Many of the younger spots lie in a radii of the University of Alabama Birmingham and Samford University campuses. These schools don't pull your typical college student, with more traditional students attending Auburn University or the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa. As far as the 20-30's range you are more probably more likely to find young professionals when going out in Birmingham versus other cities in the state. There is more culture in Birmingham than most Alabama cities, but it remains in the heart of the south, nonetheless. Bars at the nicer restaurants are your better bets. Birmingham Universities offer quite a few graduate programs, leading to a more educated younger population than other surrounding areas." -Scharlene, Southside/ 5 Points

"Good date spots: Five Points South
Enjoy an exotic or traditional meal at one of the colorful restaurants such as Surin West, The Grill, or even Al's if dining on a budget. For entertainment there are interesting bars and pubs and dance clubs like Banana Joes. For more sophisticated fun, try the Jazz bar down 19th street for some sweet rhythms and a mellow atmosphere. Looking for late-night laughs or Eastern cuisine? Try Sakura Japananese Thursday-Saturday for midnight sushi with hours from 12-3am. Something memorable always happens every visit to Five Points, whether its just a good time in general, sketchiness, or a combination of both. Also, Hoovers Patton Creek shopping center has all the elements to create a perfect romantic evening or just light hearted fun. With Rave Motion Pictures, several quality and quaint dining establishments, and plenty of shopping opportunities couples are sure to find a combination to suit their preferences. " -Laurel Tyson, Hoover

"I think that guys are not as sensitive to girls as we would like for them to be and they just don't get why we want to be treated like the queen of england sometimes, even on special dates it's hard for them to understand. All girls would like to be treated like a queen every now and then.
A good place for a date is the bowling alley because you can let loose and hace fun with each other. I guess you could go to a party or a club to meet singles." -Jessica, Pinson

"I'm not sure anyone would really know what qualities people in Birmingham look for, but pick up a copy of the Black and White, get involved in the community. A great way to meet new people is to join in on a local project that interests you or take one of the classes offered in Birmingham. There are also many clubs and bars around town. Go out for a drink and enjoy some local entertainment. Don't be so shy!" -Andrew Hensley, Highland/Southside

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