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Dating Tips and Advice for Gay Singles in Kentucky

"Quit trying to be gay and be yourself. There is nothing that is more of a turnoff to me than to see a flaming Mary in the middle of Wal-Mart getting mad at people gawking at him. That pisses me off, and yes I am one of the people gawking. I think that flamboyance has its place at the club, but quit being so damn fake." -R. Scott Taylor, Owensboro

"Living in the backwater is hard, the closet door is thick, and the pea-brained religious nuts with torches and pitchforks are real. In spite of these, I encourage all gay men in Kentucky to be true to themselves and not hide their sexuality. I'm not suggesting you wear it like a badge, but finding a soulmate is hard enough without 90% of the gay male population in Kentucky running a smokescreen." -JCC, Murray

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