Married... With Children?

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Mr. Smooth and Charming turned out to be anything but.

By Lilly (flame_11171 at of Rhode Island, USA

My friends set me up with Mr. Smooth and Charming... at least that's what they told me. This was supposed to be my introduction into the world of Blind Dates.. :(

Mr. Smooth and Charming turned out to be Mr. Married with Children...

He took me to a restaurant where I ordered a salad 'cause I couldn't afford the prices... when we got the bill he freaked out, saying he didn't have enough money... so we should split the bill down the middle .. oh and I can pay for the tip!

As he was driving me home he told me about his wife--HIS WHAT?!--and said they had an open relationship... she cleaned, but he was looking for a girlfriend to deal with his sexual need.. :(

Never again!

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