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Dating Tips and Advice for Christian Singles in Wisconsin

"When you say you're Christian walk out your faith, don't just say it because you go to church once in blue moon! Be open and honesty and trully trust Christ that he will brin you your mate. Dont conform, dont water down your beliefs because of your partner's beliefs, stand strong in Gods word. If you can't see yourself marring the person whats the point of dating them? Put God first in your relationship, don't trust yourself alone with your date, it will only lead to failure. Trust God dont give in to temptation, even if you're engaged you can still fall. Stand firm to God's word; base your relationship on it. Be honest with your date, pray about him/her and what God's leading is for the both of you. Seeking after Jesus and then everything will come." -PAulie Homer Carlson, Richland Center WI

"God knows who you will spend the rest of your life with.... so just wait. Wait for the boy who pursues you, who brings out the best in you, and when you meet him, you will just know it. He's bound to be a guy who loves God just like you do... then you know you have found the one who is meant for you." -A cool Girl, Menomonie

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