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Dating Tips and Advice for Christian Singles in Utah

"Not everyone in Utah is Mormon, wants to settle down and have ten kids in the kingdom of god. ... of course, those of us are don't fit that pattern tend to snatch all the men who ALSO don't fit that pattern, and leave oppressive Mormon males to the rest of you ladies. Sorry! Of course, most of us also want out of the state, too...

Honesty -- men in Utah should stop thinking that every date means a proposal of Holy Matrimony in the Temple within six months. It doesn't. Explore. Take time. Sure, the church says that you need to be married and breed. But you also need to realize that you should do that with a solid partner and not rush in to things -- because the church says you shouldn't get divorced, either. Take your time. Don't rush. Don't let your bishop or family rush you, either. Get settled. Be successful. THEN marry someone perfect for you -- don't get married at 19 and have 10 kids only to find out in five years you and your spouse only have your religon in common. It won't be enough for a marriage -- and it'll hurt your family and kids. So if you want to ruin your own life? Fine. But don't do it to your kids." -Amanda, Sandy

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