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"I truly believe in "soul mates"...some people have one...some have more than one...and yes even a few have none and are destined to never be married...If you don't believe me just look at the apostle Paul in the BIBLE...however; I also believe that everyone has a list of what I call "the 100"...there is only 100 people on the earth that you and I or anyone else for that matter could ever see ourselves with forever...from the second we lay eyes on someone we instantly start to sterotype that person...its horrible I know but true...within 12 seconds we have already decided if that person is attractive...and weather or not we could ever see ourselves married or "with" that person...I know it sounds crazy right!?...but it's true...the people who make it passed the 12 second approval are in our "100 list"...I think everyone comes in contact with all 100 people on their list in their lifetime...however; that is were we must have faith and trust in God that so we can choose our "soul mate" and not just one of the 100!!...God has a plan for all of us...Keep the faith and don't give up hope..." -Keitha Pryor, N/A

"Tennessee has one of the best places for dates ever! The Smokey Mtns. Being in God's country and hiking is such a great experience! Plus for those of us who are poor college students, it's free!!!" -David, Maryville

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