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Dating Tips and Advice for Christian Singles in Colorado Springs, CO

"When you're dating someone, remember to show them who you truly are - not who you think they want you to be. Because if you and this person wind up getting very serious or even wind up getting married they're going to see a LOT of the real you. You shouldn't have to change who you are for anyone. God made you, you.

When I date someone there are a few things I want to know before anything else...

1. Are they a Christian?
2. Do they want to have children?
3. Are they serious about this relationship, or are they just dating for the fun of it?
4. What are their values?

These are things to keep in mind." -Mallory, Colorado

"Christian girls are looking for outgoing guys who are on-fire for God. They're passionate about what they do and they're committed to God and his will. Men who listen for his voice and answer his calling for their lives. He will treat women with respect and love and challange her to follow God in the way God is leading her. New Life Church on Tuesday nights is a great place for college students to meet other single college students." -Ash, Colorado Springs

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